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Xinland is the world’s leading Laser systems and laser safety devices designer and manufacturer, we can fully understand your actual demands of laser equipment and analytical capability and safety protection instruments for you. We are dedicated to helping you seek a best choice and solution for your products.The modular options we offered made it easier for you to extend the configuration when your demands increased or changed in the furture ,which will imporve the cost perfomance . In addition ,the most important thing is that we offer best product with too much competitive price .


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Xinland is mainly engaged in Laser safety products develop and research, and we can supply you laser safety glasses ,laser safety window , the protection wavelength from 200nm~10600nm, wavelength covers 405nm purple, 450nm and 473nm blue, 520nm 532nm green ,635nm 660nm red, and infrared beam 808nm,980nm, 1064nm, 1070nm and 1080

nm, CO2 laser and 10600nm laser protection . Those laser safety products we offered hold the features of high Optical density and good VLT. All our products meet with Chinese standard GJB1762-93, European CE standard EN207:1998+A1:2002, and we have CE certificate.

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The Development Status Of XINLAND LASER CO.,LTD 


XINLAND LASER CO.,LTD was established on May 13, 2014 at the Lianhu Branch of Xi'an Administration for Industry and Commerce. The office address is located in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China. In the past six years, we have been provided high quality products and humanized after-sales service to our Customers.

The company is mainly engaged in the development and research of laser products and laser safety products. At present, there are two production lines, one is the laser product and its components; the other is the laser safety products. The company's products are as follows: laser safety window, laser protective glasses, laser level, laser pointer, laser flashlight, laser module, laser light, etc. These products have received consistent good comments from foreign markets. Company provides superior high-quality products with good control systems, like material procurement, material production, material storage, packing, QC system, before-shipment inspection and good after-sales service. The Company main market is in Russia, North and South America, West and East Europe, East Asian and Southeast Asian zone, etc.

The development of XINLAND LASER CO.,LTD was suffered from a various of trouble, it can be divided into 2 stages: the first stage is a start from May,2014 to December, 2016.During this period, the company mainly opened up some obstacles in production, and strived to achieve quality first in production and R&D. In terms of suppliers, we also require high quality raw materials based on the concept of quality and reputation first. In the production process, it is also strictly in accordance with national standards, ensuring that every parts in the production process is perfect. At the same time, it has actively expanded some channels of foreign trade development in foreign markets, and laid a solid foundation for future development.

The second stage is from 2017 to now, and this period is the rapid development stage of the company. In recent years, under the leadership of  the Shaanxi Provincial Government's policy support and industry leaders, the company has developed rapidly. On one hand, we continue to absorb excellent foreign trade talents and contribute to the sustainable development of the company's business. On the other hand, the strength in product operation and network promotion has also been greatly improved.



In terms of product production, the company is mainly divided into laser products and laser safety equipment. With long-term integration with the market, the company now has the ability to independently produce and develop. The products are met with the quality standards of national and international requirements and enable customers to use safely, this is also an important support for the company's long-term development.


Laser products and its components

OEM Laser module covers dot line and cross line beam with the wavelength of 405nm,450nm, 650nm ,635nm, 520nm,532nm,780nm 980nm etc. Meanwhile, xinland also has Various dpss laser for 405nm, 440nm~442nm,445nm~455nm,465nm, 470nm,473nm, 520nm,532nm,589nm,635nm~638nm, 650nm~655nm, 671nm,780nm,785nm~792nm, 808nm, 860nm,915nm,940nm,946nm,980nm,1064nm,1177nm,1342nm,1550nm, rgb type.

Laser light is mainly for commercial and household use. Commercially, Some large laser stage lights and laser decorative lights will be used. With the increasing acceptance of various cultural activities and commercial performances, the laser penetrating power and rich color and display methods are increasingly favored by everyone. The company currently produces 64 kinds of laser performance products, which are usedfor large-scale concerts or various performances. In daily life, they are also used in weddings, dance halls, bars, KTV boxes, etc.


In the home, there are small laser products such as laser pointers and laser flashlight. The functions and colors of the laser pointer are also varied, such as recording and indication, and the color can be changed. In addition to 500 kinds of finished products produced by the company, it can also be produced according to the requirements of users. These products are very different in terms of power, shape, color, range, function, etc. The laser pointer is usually used by the tour guide to report a light spot or a light pointing object when reporting or teaching. In addition, the laser flashlight is also very practical, but the current domestic use is not very extensive, there is a certain demand in foreign countries, generally used for outdoor adventures, survival in the wild, search and rescue,hunting and so on.


Laser home hardware decoration tools are mainly based on laser level. It mainly used in engineering decoration, the main functions include: measuring whether the plane is uneven. Is the output laser vertical and horizontal plane horizontal? And it can be used at night, plus the magnet is more strongly adsorbed. At present, there are 5 types of products, including more than 30 styles, which can meet the needs of various users.

Laser range finder is an electronic instrument that accurately measures the distance of a target using a parameter of a modulated laser. It has the advantages of fast measuring speedand small size, and is widely used in industrial measurement and control fields. Laser range finder currently produced by the company is divided into three models of 40m, 60m and 80m.

Laser components includes various laser parts, laser modules, laser diodes, laser sights, laser cutting modules, laser sights, etc. There are many types that can be provided for users of different products.


Laser safety equipment

Lasers are harmful to the human body. In some special circumstances, exposure to the laser can cause damage to the eyes and skin. As an important human organ, the eye is very fragile. Once the injury is very serious, severe exposure to the laser may cause damage to the cornea and retina, which may lead to blindness. Because lasers are widely used in life, laser protection is also very important. Our company's main laser protection products are laser protective glasses and laser safety window.

There is no single lens material that is suitable for all wavelengths or for all irradiated lasers, so different types of laser protective glasses have different laser wavelengths and radiation protection. At present, the company's protective glasses are produced and sold together with laser lamps and transmitters, as well as different wavelengths of protective glasses for different customers. There are generally protective glasses for industrial production and engineering manufacturing. There are also laser protective glasses that are medically designed for patients who require laser treatment. Company has been producing strictly in accordance with quality standards in the production of laser protective glasses, and now can produce more than 300 different types of laser protective glasses for customers to use.
Laser safety window, While the laser is harmful to human eyes, some high-energy lasers can also cause harm to the human skin. Mild radiation can be burned, and severe radiation can causeskin cancer. (UV wavelength 290-320nm).These different degrees of skin damage can cause great trouble and damage to the human body. Therefore, the generation of laser safety window effectively prevents such situations. In some equipment, such as laser cutters, laser markers, laser printing devices, etc. Such a security window not only enables the operator to operate effectively, but also ensures the safety of personnel. The company has more than 80 kinds of safety windows, including different sizes, thicknesses and protection bands, which basically cover almost all harmful lasers.

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