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company news about knowledge of laser protection window

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Company News
knowledge of laser protection window
Latest company news about knowledge of laser protection window

The laser protective window is a working window installed on the laser equipment to observe the working conditions in the laser equipment, especially on the equipment of class 3 and 4 lasers. Because the class 3 and 4 laser levels are too high, even the diffuse reflection can hurt the operator's eyes, not to mention staring at the device for a long time.


And for Class 3 and 4 laser equipment, fixed or movable baffles that block the laser beam or diffuse reflections must be installed. Such baffles can be opaque, but in practice, laser-protected windows that can be observed are more favored by manufacturers.


There are many questions you will encounter when purchasing laser protective windows, so we have listed some frequently asked questions and answers for your reference.


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Q1. Only Class 3 and Class 4 lasers need a laser protection window?


Class 3 and 4 equipment must be equipped, because the direct reflection and diffuse reflection of class 3 and 4 lasers are harmful to glasses and skin, so such equipment should be equipped with corresponding laser protection windows even during operation. It may not be necessary for staff to be nearby to observe, but there is no guarantee that an accident will not occur. However, it is of course best if the Class 2 laser is also equipped with a protective window, which undoubtedly better protects the safety of the operator.


Q2. The thicker the laser protective glass, the higher the protection factor?


No, the common laser protective windows on the market have two thickness options of 5mm and 3mm, but their parameters are the same, but the thickness is different (just because the window design of the device needs); Similarly, two laser protective windows with different thicknesses Without a parameter comparison, a thicker protective window cannot be considered to have a higher parameter. However, if two 3mm thick laser protection windows with a protection factor of OD4 at a wavelength of 532nm are stacked together, the protection factor will be higher than a 3mm thick protection window of the same parameters.


Q3. Can the laser protection window prevent direct laser light?


Do not. Many friends think that laser protection windows or laser safety glasses can protect any laser, which is a misunderstanding of all laser protection products. All laser protection products only protect the diffuse reflection of the laser, or block the instant direct irradiation of a certain energy, but if the energy is too high or the direct irradiation lasts too long, the protective glasses and protective windows are easily penetrated by the laser. laser. So when using any laser protection products, remember not to let the laser shine directly.


Q4. With the laser protection window, is there no need for laser safety glasses?


If the equipment is equipped with a laser protective window of appropriate parameters, it stands to reason that personnel do not need to wear laser protective glasses when the equipment is running, because wearing glasses will greatly affect the visual clarity. After all, the higher the OD value of the lens/window, the higher the VLT. The lower it is, the darker the surrounding objects will be. However, if you are staring at the device with a laser protection window and the glasses are obviously uncomfortable, it is recommended to wear glasses. This may be due to a mismatch in the parameters of the laser protection window or a damage somewhere causing light leakage. Of course, glasses are required to ensure eye safety when performing laser calibration and debugging in the device.


Q5. Why are most laser protection windows absorptive protection?


First of all, because the absorption protection is all-round protection, that is, no matter which direction the light comes from, it can be absorbed instantly, but the reflection protection can only effectively protect the light emitted from the normal, and cannot guarantee the actual operation. The emission direction of each light source


Second, because the laser protective window will inevitably be scratched during the handling and installation process, and the equipment will also be scratched when people come and go in the factory. The biggest advantage of absorption protection is that even if there are scratches, it will not affect the protection effect of the window, while the reflective protection mainly relies on the reflective film on the surface. Very impractical in a real factory environment.


Q6. Can the laser protective window be scrubbed and disinfected with alcohol?


No, because most laser protection window substrates are organic materials that cannot be cleaned with high concentrations of alcohol, acetone, and dichloroethane compounds. If there are fingerprints and marks on the window, you can use alcohol liquid below 2% or clean it with soapy water, then dry it with a dry lens cloth

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