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company news about Laser Protection for Eyes

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Company News
Laser Protection for Eyes
Latest company news about Laser Protection for Eyes

Laser Protection for Eyes


The laser protection for eyes can be considered from the three aspects of the laser, the patient and staff, and the surrounding environment, and comprehensive measures can be taken to avoid accidental damage to the eyes caused by the use of the laser.


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1. laser machines

If possible, the laser should be surrounded by an opaque casing to prevent the laser beam and strong light radiation from emitting outward, which can effectively avoid possible accidental damage to the eyes

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2. patients and staff

Enhanced laser safety education is necessary for patients and staff. Damage often occurs due to a lack of awareness of the application of laser damage, as well as the nature and consequences of possible damage. Wearing laser goggles is one of the effective ways to prevent eye damage in environments with laser light scattering. There are many types of laser goggles, including reflective type, absorption type, color-changing glass-ceramic type, etc. Most of these types of goggles are designed for specific wavelengths, which must be indicated for which laser wavelength is suitable, and the wrong use is harmful and unhelpful. of.

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Fiber-delivered laser photocoagulators, such as frequency-doubled 532 lasers, can provide a fixed laser beam with a limited direction of movement. During the treatment, pay attention to the observer or the person supporting the patient to wear laser goggles. For the laser operator, a permanent laser safety filter is set in the optical path system, eliminating the potential danger of the photocoagulator to the operator. For the reflection of visible aiming light, the result measured at the time of treatment or at the time of exposure is below the allowable exposure limit. Both excimer laser and femtosecond laser have fixed delivery systems, and both have stable optical paths during the process of irradiating the cornea. The hazard range is very limited and there is no risk of reflections during operation, so there is no need to protect the treatment room personnel.

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3. Surrounding environment

The laser room is well-ventilated, with no electromagnetic interference, no vibration, temperature and humidity, and other ring mirror conditions that meet the relevant requirements of laser medical devices. Unrelated persons are not allowed to enter. Laser workplaces should minimize specular reflection and use black diffuser targets where the laser can easily reach, which can improve the safety level. Obvious danger signs should be hung in the laser working environment to attract the attention of relevant personnel.

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