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company news about Laser protective glasses industry chain-2

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Company News
Laser protective glasses industry chain-2
Latest company news about Laser protective glasses industry chain-2

3.Development status


Laser glasses are one of the important subdivided products of my country's glasses industry. The research and development of my country's laser glasses industry started earlier, which played a positive role in supporting the steady development of my country's laser industry. In recent years, the output and demand of laser glasses in my country have maintained a growing trend. In 2022, the output of laser glasses in my country will reach 2.943 million pairs, and the demand will reach 2.328 million pairs. It is estimated that the output of laser glasses in my country will reach 3.238 million pairs in 2022, and the demand will reach 2.566 million pairs.


2015-2022 Production and Demand Statistics of Laser Glasses in China


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At present, my country has not yet entered the stage of legislation and law enforcement of laser safety protection, and there is still a certain distance compared with developed countries such as Germany. Although our country has made great progress in this area in recent years, many laser equipment are equipped with protective shields, and some employees and scientific researchers of enterprises and scientific research units have used laser protective glasses. Gradually improving, the improvement of safety protection awareness has significantly increased the market demand for laser glasses to a certain extent, and promoted the growth of the industry market scale. In 2019, my country's laser glasses market will reach 399.28 million yuan.

Statistics and Forecast of China's Laser Glasses Market Scale, 2015-2022

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The downstream segment market of laser glasses in my country is relatively extensive, and the segmented market applications are mainly manufacturing, scientific research, military, medical cosmetology, etc., of which manufacturing industry accounts for 68.7%, medical cosmetology accounts for 12.8%, scientific research and military account for 8.0%, and other fields Accounting for 10.6%, different application scenarios will correspond to different types of laser glasses. For example, laser glasses have various products that absorb different wavelengths. Among the various market segments, the manufacturing industry has the largest demand, and the applicable scenarios include electric welding/gas welding, laser welding, laser engraving, laser cutting, etc.


4.Analysis and Conclusion


1. Advantages Laser glasses are necessary personal protective equipment for effectively protecting the eyes of doctors, patients, beauticians, beauticians, bystanders, debuggers, R&D personnel, industrial workers who produce strong light sources and related equipment, etc. Strong consumption rigidity.


2. Disadvantages More and more domestic laser eyewear companies have begun to enter the international market, and the competition has intensified. The threshold of the industry is relatively low, and more and more domestic enterprises are beginning to pay attention to the production of protective equipment such as laser glasses, and the competition will intensify. At the same time, after fierce competition in the domestic market, these enterprises have begun to target overseas markets, and competition in foreign markets has gradually heated up.


3. Opportunity The personal protective equipment industry has been valued by relevant state departments, and relevant industry standards and regulations have been continuously improved. Regarding the development of my country's safety industry, the State Council has carried out special work arrangements, and governments at all levels and relevant departments have also actively increased industrial investment. The development of the personal protective equipment industry provides more powerful policy support.


Due to the transfer of industrial strategies from developed countries to developing countries, although the consumption scale of personal protective equipment in Europe and the United States continues to rise, the production scale has not increased, and even because of the strategic transfer has declined. At present, international trade frictions continue, but there are also European and American markets. Importers actively turn to China to purchase personal protective equipment.


4. The global challenge of personal protective equipment is basically monopolized by multinational companies. These enterprises have preliminarily completed the layout of product systems, production bases and global markets through mergers and acquisitions and expansion, and the barriers to market entry are large. The continuous improvement of green environmental protection standards, technical trade barriers, and industry market access standards in Europe and the United States also means that the cost and difficulty for enterprises to expand into the European and American markets have increased.

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