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company news about Laser Safety Level

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China XINLAND LASER CO.,LTD certification
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Company News
Laser Safety Level
Latest company news about Laser Safety Level

With the rapid development and wide application of laser technology, various laser products can be seen everywhere in our life and working environment. Some laser products can be used safely, but some improper use can cause serious damage to our eyes and skin, and even cause serious accompanying hazards such as fire, electric shock, and burns.


In order to allow users to easily identify the hazard level of laser products, we can classify laser products according to the damage mechanism of laser products to human tissues and the degree of damage caused.


The wavelength and power of the laser product determine the damage of the laser to different tissues of the human body. The wavelength determines the absorption characteristics of different human tissues and the mechanism of damage to the laser, and the power and energy determine the degree of laser damage.


Whether it is an ordinary consumer or a professional operator, we must correctly understand the level of the laser, understand the degree of harm it represents, and the precautions, so as to avoid many laser injury accidents.

IEC 60825-1 Laser Safety Level

Class I Low output laser power (less than 0.4 mW). There is no harm to the eyes, so The safety of the design can be guaranteed, It is no special management is required.
Class II Low output of visible laser (0.4 mW- 1 mW power), usually under 1 mW laser, can cause dizziness unable to think, closed eyes can protect you , general can eliminate symptoms. Don't direct observation within the beam, and do not use less than 1 mw laser direct iluminate other people's eyes, Avoiding the observation of Class II laser with long distance equipment.
Class III A Class III A level of visible light output of 1-5 mw laser beam, Avoid the use of telescopic equipment to observe laser, this might increase risk, with the Class II , don't directly observed within the beam, also don't use Class II A laser direct illuminate otherpeople's eyes.
Class III B Class III B for continuous laser, 5-500 mw direct observation of thedanger in the beam of light, also do not use the Class II B laser direct iluminate otherpeople's eyes, this danger will be bigger.
Class IV High grade for continuous laser output (greater than 500 mw), above the third level, there is a risk of fire, diffuse reflection is dangerous, you have to pay attention. Children should avoid direct viewing of such lasers.

Laser Safety Signs

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