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company news about Laser Safety Window Specification

China XINLAND LASER CO.,LTD certification
China XINLAND LASER CO.,LTD certification
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Company News
Laser Safety Window Specification
Latest company news about Laser Safety Window Specification

The company specializes in the production of Laser Protection Panels, Laser Protection Window, Laser Safety Window . It selects international high-quality acrylic PMMA and polycarbonate PC raw materials, professional CE certification, no flaws and scratches, It can protect the laser and strong light of specific wavelength in all directions to prevent the laser from harming the eyes. It can also prevent the spatter damage of the laser equipment during the laser welding, cutting and marking process. The protection level can reaches OD4+, OD5+, OD6+, OD8+. Provide users with high-quality laser safety protection.

Category Model Number Proection Wavelength Optical Density Blocking Rate Size Thickness
Laser Safety Viewing Window XL1PW4D3T 190-550nm 4+ 15% 1280*1000mm 3mm
XL1PW5D5T 5+ 15% 1280*1000mm 5mm
XL2PW4D5T 580-750nm 5+ 40% 1280*1000mm 5mm
XL3PW4D3T 800-1100nm 4+ 60% 1280*1000mm 3mm
XL3PW4D5T 4+ 73% 1280*1000mm 5mm
XL3PW6D5T 800-1100nm 6+ 60% 1280*1000mm 5mm
XL3PW8D5T 800-1100nm 8+ 42% 1280*1000mm 5mm
XL3PW4GD5T 190-540nm&
4+ 25% 1280*1000mm 5mm
XL4PW4D5T 190-450nm&
4+ 35% 1280*1000mm 5mm
XL5PW4D5T 190-420nm&
4+ 28% 1280*1000mm 5mm
XL6PW4D3T 1064nm&
4+ 40% 1200*1000mm 3.3mm
XL6PW4D5T 1064nm&
6+ 30% 1200*1000mm 5mm
XL7PW4D5T 10600nm 6+ 90% 1200*1000mm 5mm

Regular size 1280mm*1000mm*3/5mm, acrylic PMMA board, polycarbonate PC board, it has passed CE certification and complies with European and American standards. If you need to customize the cutting size, we can provide cutting service, and the price will be quoted separately according to the cutting size.

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