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Company News
Optical Sight Lens
Latest company news about Optical Sight Lens

1. How does the optical sight achieve the magnification target?
Answer: Most of the optical sights use the Kepler telescope system, which is composed of 1 convex lens as the objective lens, 2 erector lenses as the central lens, reticles silk, and 2 eyepieces. The image formed by it is an inverted image after the positive lens. Then it is transformed into a positive image in the human eye through the eyepiece transformation. Using the Kepler telescope system can see the details of objects more clearly, and increase the ability of long-distance human eyes to observe long-distance targets. And this telescopic system makes it easier to set up the reticle!

2. What is the function of the lens coating of the scope? How many coating methods are there? How are they different? If the eyepiece is also multi-coated, does it mean that it is more advanced?
Answer: Coating is a technical treatment to prevent the damage caused by the reflected light of the light. Excellent coating is often chemically treated, so that the coating is not easy to wipe off, and the coating is natural and soft. The coating is divided into single-layer coating and multi-layer coating (MC) in the optical sight according to the process. The coating of optical sights is most common with single-layer blue coating, and there are also a few excellent products that use multi-layer coating. Multi-layer coating can better reduce the reflectivity of various wavelengths of light on the lens, so as to improve the color reproduction power of the overall sight. The easiest way to differentiate is; single-coated lenses reflect a single color in sunlight. The multi-coated lenses show soft reflections of multiple colors at different positions and angles (different from the bright red and green things like the Daxing Russian telescope on the street).
Due to the direct light, if the multi-layer coating of a good mirror and objective lens has been done very well, it is not necessary to have a multi-layer coating on the eyepiece. Generally, all coated mirror eyepieces have also been coated, and the general eyepiece coating is a single-layer film. The coating method must be able to distinguish the essence of multi-layer coating and single-layer coating, so as not to be deceived (the best coating at present is "green broadband coating", which have a coating with high-definition image and excellent light transmittance)

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