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company news about Safety and protection during laser welding of laser welding machine

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Company News
Safety and protection during laser welding of laser welding machine
Latest company news about Safety and protection during laser welding of laser welding machine


The laser of a laser welding machine has the same biological effects as ordinary light (cooking effect, light effect, pressure effect and electromagnetic field effect). While this biological benefit brings benefits to humans, it will also bring harm to humans if it is not protected or protected ineffectively. Direct or indirect damage to human tissues such as eyes, skin and nervous system. In order to ensure safety protection during laser welding, laser hazards must be strictly controlled, and engineering control, personnel protection and safety management must be done well.


1. Engineering control: engineering control refers to the safety measures taken for the structure of the laser or laser processing system, mainly including: protective cover - to prevent the staff from receiving more than the maximum allowable exposure; safety chain - refers to the protective cover connected to the protective cover An automatic device that can avoid radiation when dismantled; Safety light path - close the light path that may cause combustion or secondary radiation due to irradiation; Key switch - generally refers to the laser turning when the key is pulled out; Beam termination - to prevent the laser beam from exceeding For controlled processing areas, beam stoppers or attenuators can be used.


2. Personal protection: mainly refers to wearing fireproof and heat-resistant laser protective clothing, wearing laser protective glasses that can selectively attenuate specific laser wavelengths, wearing laser protective masks for ultraviolet laser sources, and wearing them to avoid direct exposure or laser protection. gloves.


3. Safety management: Safety management mainly includes the establishment of specialized agencies or personnel, and clear rights and responsibilities: including safety training, supervision, etc.


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Laser welding machine dimming skills and precautions


1. Before adjusting the output mirror, first remove the condenser cavity with the YAG rod, so as to avoid the refraction deviation of the YAG rod in the optical path and affect the adjustment accuracy. The exact position of the output medium diaphragm should be centered on the exit hole with the red light as the center, which can completely reflect the red light back to the red light, otherwise it should be carefully adjusted by the knob of the diaphragm seat. Note that after adjustment, the locking ring on the adjustment knob of the film holder should be fully locked to ensure that its position is stable, and then check again whether the reflected light position remains in the original position.


2. Check the installation position of the YAG rod. Paste the two ends of the YAG rod sleeve with transparent tape, and observe whether the red light spot is in the middle of the two rod sleeves. If there is a deviation, it should be corrected by adjusting the position of the focusing cavity. Then observe the position of the reflected light from the YAG rod, which should coincide with the exit hole of the red light. Otherwise, adjust the position of the condenser cavity as much as possible while keeping the red light in the center of the rod, so that the reflected light is as close as possible to the exit hole, at least to ensure The deviation from the exit hole is less than 1mm.


3. Check the position of the shutter. Manually rotate the mirror bracket, push the shutter to the light-blocking position, and observe whether the red light is in the middle of the lens, and whether the reflected light is on the absorption cone at the center of the beam terminator. If the position is not correct, please adjust it slightly.

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