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company news about Secrects on Laser Safety Goggle and Laser Viewing Window Sheet

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China XINLAND LASER CO.,LTD certification
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This is the first company on all of this website that so far as I can tell does not lie about their products. Getting sick of companies claiming they have 10000, 30000 and even 50000 mw handheld lasers.

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Company News
Secrects on Laser Safety Goggle and Laser Viewing Window Sheet
Latest company news about Secrects on Laser Safety Goggle and Laser Viewing Window Sheet

I want to buy a laser safety Goggle !!!

Then you need to search those related stuffs on Goggle ,Ebay ,Amazon or Alibaba. When you type : Laser Safety Goggle or Laser Safety Eyewear ,then you can see this :

latest company news about Secrects on Laser Safety Goggle and Laser Viewing Window Sheet  0

and see this 

latest company news about Secrects on Laser Safety Goggle and Laser Viewing Window Sheet  1

latest company news about Secrects on Laser Safety Goggle and Laser Viewing Window Sheet  2

Then you may Dazzle ,don't know how to select the right one .Ok, Please follow with my instructions:

First of All ,We need to understand ,the most important factors related to laser goggle or laser window then it must be Protection Wavelength ,Optical Density(OD) and Visible Light Transmission (VLT).




1. Protection Wavelength means that the product is effectively protected against a certain wavelength band. If you fill in 190-540nm OD4+, it means that the average minimum protection from 190nm near-ultraviolet laser to 540nm green laser is OD4, and the protection of some of these wavelengths will have OD5, OD6 or even close to OD7, each product is listed here. Portions will vary greatly. When you have a 532nm laser, the first thing you should look at is whether the protective band of the protective product covers 532nm. Sometimes the product will indicate that it is a dual-band protection product, and the protection wavelength is 190-400nm/800-1100nm, which means that the wavelengths of 190-400nm and 800-1100nm are protected at the same time. If you want to operate 532nm and 1064nm laser equipment, Then this dual-band protection product is the most suitable. But if you only operate 355nm and will not touch equipment with wavelengths above 800nm, then you can choose non-dual-band protection 190-540nm or 190-400nm products, covering the wavelength you want to protect, because usually dual-band protection The price of protective products will be higher.


2. The OD value, the English full name is Optical Density, is translated as the optical density value. The optical understanding is the logarithm of the ratio of incident light power (Ei)/energy (Hi) to transmitted light energy (EL) 10. The calculation formula is: D=Lg(Ei/EL) or D=Lg(Hi/EL). To put it simply, if the OD value is n, the intensity of light will be attenuated by 10^n times. For example, if OD=1, the intensity of light will be attenuated by 10 times; if OD=2, the intensity of light will be attenuated by 10^2= 100 times. Some workers will ask, my laser is 100W, and the attenuation is 100 times, that is 100W/100=1W, then wearing OD2 glasses will have 1W entering the eye, and the usual 1W laser does not seem to be dangerous. Is OD2 enough?


The answer is no. First of all, we take the laser irradiance/irradiance for Ei/Hi. This irradiance/amount is related to many coefficients, such as output power, pulse energy, distance between the human eye and the beam, and the angle of incidence. , the light reflectivity of the surrounding environment, etc., is not a simple output power. To put it in a simple way - in fact, workers who know lasers know this better. For the same output energy, the peak power of picosecond laser and femtosecond laser must be different, and correspondingly, different protection factors (OD) must be required. Second, the human eye has a protection threshold for lasers of different wavelengths, that is, under a certain value, the human eye can absorb lasers of a specific wavelength and will not be damaged, but this threshold varies with wavelength and pulse width. For example, people usually refer to 532nm as blinding light, that is, because the human eye is more susceptible to damage at 532nm, that is, the threshold is lower, and the human eye has a relatively higher tolerance for CO2 lasers. Therefore, the calculation of the OD value requires professional calculation. After selecting the protective band, it is recommended that you show the detailed parameters of the laser equipment to the sales staff, and they will give you professional OD value suggestions.


3. Then there is VLT, the full name in English is Visible Light Transmission, and the Chinese name is Visible Light Transmission, which simply means how much visible light the lens can transmit. So what is visible light? Baidu Encyclopedia's explanation is: Visible light is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye can perceive, and the visible spectrum has no precise range; the frequency of electromagnetic waves that the average human eye can perceive is 380~750THz, and the wavelength is between 780~400nm, that is, everyone Color light can be seen in daily life, such as 450nm (blue light), 532nm (green light), 600nm (red light), etc. that we often hear about, but many fiber lasers are invisible light, such as 1064nm, because most light laser wavelengths are longer than 800nm. Back to VLT, if the product is marked with 70% VLT, it means that 70% of visible light can pass through. This concept will feel a bit abstract if you don’t pay attention to it, but it affects the detailed operations of some work, such as laser correction, equipment inspection, troubleshooting, and medical laser laser surgery operations, which is why medical laser protective goggles Generally have higher VLT. The following is an approximate visual experience of different VLTs, which you can use as a reference:


VLT% Lens  Applications 
80-100 No or with slight color of the lens Aesthetic ,comfort or can be used at night 
43-80 Can see a slight of lens color  soft sun light beam
18-43 Medium Tone  Low Brightness Sunlight 
8-18 Heavy tone  Bright sunlight
below 8 Very Dark lens color  Super sharp light but can not be used for driving


Xinland laser's laser safety window have different in VLT ,i will illustrate by the following photo 

latest company news about Secrects on Laser Safety Goggle and Laser Viewing Window Sheet  3

This is xinland laser safety window catalog 

latest company news about Secrects on Laser Safety Goggle and Laser Viewing Window Sheet  4

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