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company news about Skin laser treatment safety and protection

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Company News
Skin laser treatment safety and protection
Latest company news about Skin laser treatment safety and protection

Skin laser treatment safety and protection

Most lasers used in clinical practice are harmful to human eyes and skin. Therefore, a safe laser use environment and correct operation methods are needed to control the occurrence of hazards and avoid or reduce accidental injuries to medical staff and patients.

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The room is clean, tidy, and orderly, without electromagnetic interference, without vibration, and the environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity and the power supply must meet the requirements of laser medical equipment. The indoor ventilation is good, and the laser operating room must be equipped with an exhaust ventilation device. Contaminated gases in operating theaters have been removed

The indoor laser light path should be higher or lower than the eye height of people sitting or standing, and a terminator should be set on the light path if necessary.

Laser operators should wear overalls, masks and gloves. All indoor personnel, including patients, are not allowed to wear necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and other accessories that may reflect laser light.

Precautions during treatment

1. During the operation, the operator should concentrate and do not touch the foot switch at will. The foot switch of the laser machine should be marked with "red" to avoid accidental injury caused by mixing it with other foot switches.

2. Do not shoot the light beam on reflective objects, and do not point the cutter head in other directions at will, and do not look directly at it or place it at eye level, so as to avoid accidental injury.

3. Pay attention to the following protection when using laser treatment

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(1) Eye protection: Wearing protective glasses is the most effective way to achieve eye protection, and it is also one of the main measures for laser operators to prevent eye damage.

(2) Skin protection: Most laser medical equipment usually does not require skin protection, but it does not mean that these laser equipment cannot burn the skin. In lasers used in surgery, most of the output irradiance or irradiance is often tens or even hundreds of times higher than the maximum allowable exposure. Personal protective measures must be taken during use.

(3) Respiratory protection: The carbon-containing smoke and tissue decomposition products formed by laser gasification can be inhaled and deposited in the alveoli of the staff; the smoke generated during laser gasification of malignant tissue may contain biologically active tumor cells, which more harmful. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the protection of the respiratory tract.

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