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company news about The role of laser protective glasses in laser treatment?

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Company News
The role of laser protective glasses in laser treatment?
Latest company news about The role of laser protective glasses in laser treatment?

You should have seen it in your life, but do you know about laser treatment? The role of laser protective glasses in laser treatment?


Laser cosmetology uses light bands that are beneficial to the human body, with strong penetrating ability and high absorption rate of human tissue. It uses weak laser light to stimulate biological tissues, and irradiates multiple beauty points on the face at the same time, effectively stimulating facial meridian points. , Accelerate blood circulation, improve skin supply status, increase skin tissue nutrition, promote skin metabolism, remove aging and shrinking epithelial cells, enhance facial skin collagen vitality, promote sebaceous gland and sweat gland cell regeneration and secretion, stimulate epidermal peripheral nerves, and promote the body's Anabolism and tissue repair, thereby improving facial dullness, pigmentation, sagging skin, wrinkles, sagging eyes, dark circles, enlarged pores, rough skin, etc., making facial skin rosy and shiny, enhancing elasticity, and delaying skin aging. Anti-aging, nourishing and beautifying.


With the development of laser technology today, it will show different effects in different application fields, especially laser protective glasses. Wearing laser safety gogles is to better help the eyes prevent external forces. Each type of laser safety glasses has its own characteristics. Generally, it can only prevent lasers with one wavelength, and a few can prevent lasers with more than two wavelengths.

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What should be paid attention to in laser treatment with laser safety glasses?


1. The number of laser treatments for different types of spots is also different. Under normal circumstances, melasma needs 5 treatments, and coffee spots need 1-3 treatments. The interval between each treatment is about 2 months.


2. Under normal circumstances, the skin of young women is relatively thin, and the repair ability of the skin will be much stronger. The number of laser treatments is relatively less, and a good effect can be achieved.


3. Women need to let the scab fall off naturally after laser treatment. Do not pick it off by hand, and do not do strenuous exercise and makeup for the time being. Some women experience hyperpigmentation problems after laser treatment. Don't worry though, it will disappear in a few months.


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