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company news about what are Other medical applications of lasers ?

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Company News
what are Other medical applications of lasers ?
Latest company news about what are Other medical applications of lasers ?

what are Other medical applications of lasers ?


1. Laser diagnosis and detection


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In vivo detection is a very convenient and effective method in medical diagnosis. As long as living cells are obtained, diagnosis can be made using spectral analysis methods. The principle is as follows: on the one hand, different living cells have different spectra, and people can distinguish different types of cells based on different spectra; on the other hand, laser is a light source with a spectrum range between infrared and ultraviolet. The spectrum range of animal cells is similar to the spectrum range of laser, so irradiating living cells with laser can effectively measure the spectrum of living cells and make a correct diagnosis.

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Therefore, living cells can be obtained from urine, blood and other body fluids, some of which are cancer cells and some of which are markers of cancer cells. The spectra of these cells can be detected to make timely diagnosis.

In vivo testing is not much better than puncture testing.


Laser Doppler technology is used to detect blood flow distribution in microvessels.


2. Laser treatment


The indications for laser treatment now involve all clinical disciplines. It can be roughly divided into three categories: laser surgical treatment, laser non-surgical treatment and laser photosensitivity treatment.

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Laser surgical treatment uses strong lasers, that is, laser beams with higher power density to perform coagulation, vaporization, and cutting of diseased tissues at various levels of surgery. Compared with the traditional scalpel, the laser knife can achieve no or less bleeding; compared with the traditional cold knife, ultrasonic scalpel and high-frequency electrosurgical knife, the laser knife has strong cutting ability, sharp incision and less damage; the laser knife can also pass through the optical fiber It can perform surgery into the human body without the need for open surgery such as laparotomy. It can perform surgery on the fundus of the eye through the eye's refractive medium without incising any part. This is something that cannot be achieved by any other traditional surgery.


Laser non-surgical treatment uses weak lasers, that is, lasers with lower power density. Using this laser to irradiate human tissues will not directly damage tissues and cells. It is used for physical therapy or light acupuncture treatment. Compared with light therapy in traditional physical therapy, the efficacy of laser is significantly improved, and the indications are much wider; compared with traditional filiform acupuncture, laser light acupuncture is sterile, painless, will not break or faint, but can treat the symptoms of filiform acupuncture. All indications.

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Laser skin treatment uses the thermal and spectral characteristics of laser to remove body surface excess, laser acne removal, laser mole removal, laser wrinkle removal, laser skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, laser freckle removal, tattoo pigment removal, and can also be used For the treatment of hemangiomas, spider tumors and rosacea.





Laser applications have formed a new field of laser medicine in medicine. Basic research continues to deepen, new laser diagnostic and treatment instruments continue to emerge, clinical applications continue to expand, and the laser medical instrument industry develops rapidly. But at the same time, there are still many basic theoretical issues and clinical application issues that require further research. It is foreseeable that with the deepening of basic laser research and investment in application development, laser medical treatment will have greater development.



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