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company news about What are the CE testing standards for laser protective glasses?

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Company News
What are the CE testing standards for laser protective glasses?
Latest company news about What are the CE testing standards for laser protective glasses?

Laser protective glasses are a type of protective equipment specially developed to avoid laser damage, and their quality and safety have attracted much attention. To this end, EU standards regulate the CE testing of laser protective glasses to ensure that they meet technical standards for quality and safety.

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CE testing refers to complying with the European Economic Area Union's regulations on product quality and safety, and obtaining the CE mark proves that the product complies with relevant EU standards. Therefore, the CE test for laser protective glasses can be divided into the following aspects for evaluation.


1. Appearance quality


First of all, laser protective glasses must ensure that their appearance quality meets the requirements. The main inspection points include whether the lens surface is smooth, free of defects and scratches, and whether the material is uniform, free of wrinkles, burrs and other defects. These problems may affect the light transmittance and laser resistance of laser protective glasses, so strict inspection and testing must be carried out.


2.Light transmittance


Secondly, the light transmittance of laser protective glasses is also one of the key points of CE testing. The light transmittance mainly refers to the light transmittance performance of laser protective glasses after testing under laser beams of different wavelengths. It is usually required that the light transmittance of laser protective glasses at the working wavelength must reach a certain ratio to ensure clear vision when worn without affecting the observation effect.


3. Laser resistance


The most critical point is the laser resistance ability of laser protective glasses. Usually this aspect will test some basic parameters, such as maximum threshold, wavelength range, relative spot area, maximum reflectivity, etc. During the test, each parameter will be tested separately to evaluate the maximum filtering and protection capabilities of laser protective glasses for lasers of different wavelengths.


4. Security


Finally, there is the safety assessment of laser protective glasses. It is usually necessary to test the broadband radiation damage threshold of laser protective glasses, early warning effect, and specify safety aspects such as direct exposure to electron accelerators or laser beams. These tests ensure that laser protective glasses are safe for users.


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All in all, CE testing is an important standard for the safety and quality of laser protective glasses. Once laser protective glasses pass the test and have CE mark certification, users can use them with confidence to avoid potential eye damage and achieve their protective effect. As a manufacturer, we must strictly abide by the standards of the European Economic Area Union, ensure the quality and safety of laser protective glasses, and bring a better user experience to users.


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