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company news about what is 830nm 30mw Red Dot laser Module?

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Company News
what is 830nm 30mw Red Dot laser Module?
Latest company news about what is 830nm 30mw Red Dot laser Module?

Recently, a new type of laser module has been launched. It has a wavelength of 830nm, a power of 30mW, a size of 10x30mm, and a voltage of DC5v.830nm 30mw Red Dot laser Module have broad application prospects, and their performance in the market has also attracted much attention.

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It is reported that 830nm 30mw Red Dot laser Moduleis manufactured with advanced microelectronics technology and has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and high stability. Its wavelength is 830nm, which is widely used in laser radar, optical fiber communication, optical measurement, biomedicine, laser mapping, laser cutting, laser marking and other fields. At the same time, its power is 30 milliwatts, which can realize long-distance high-intensity laser irradiation, and has good penetration and anti-interference.


In addition, the size of the laser module is 10x30mm, which is small and easy to carry and install. Can be assembled and disassembled quickly through direct integration. And its voltage is DC5v, which facilitates the use of equipment and the choice of usage scenarios.

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The introduction of laser modules has undoubtedly brought new opportunities and challenges to the laser field. At present, the demand for it in the market is very strong, and it has been used in many application scenarios such as high-end range finders, industrial testing instruments, medical instruments, robots, and radars.


It is understood that the successful research and development of laser modules has benefited from the development and technological progress of the LED industry. The improvement of laser module life and efficiency is inseparable from the continuous progress and innovation of new materials, new processes, new designs and new applications.

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With the continuous progress of science and technology, the application field of laser modules will continue to expand, which will bring broader prospects and development space for the development of science and technology and human beings. At the same time, we must also pay attention to risks and challenges, actively promote technological innovation and application, and promote the sustainable development of laser technology.


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