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company news about What is IEC60825 certification?

China XINLAND LASER CO.,LTD certification
China XINLAND LASER CO.,LTD certification
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Company News
What is IEC60825 certification?
Latest company news about What is IEC60825 certification?

Part 1 of IEC60825-1 is mainly aimed at the classification and safety testing requirements of laser equipment. It is what we call laser wavelength to judge the laser grade: the grades are divided into: class1, class1M, class1C, class2, class2M, class3R, class3B, the higher the grade. , the greater the laser radiation to the human body.


IEC 60825-2 Safety of Laser Products Part 2: Safety of Optical Fiber Communication Systems (OFCS) This Part 2 requires an assessment of the hazard level of accessible locations in place of the classifications specified in IEC 60825-1. It applies to a complete installed end-to-end OFCS, including its components and sub-assemblies that generate or amplify optical radiation. Individual components and sub-assemblies sold solely to OEM suppliers for integration into a complete installed end-to-end OFCS do not need to be evaluated against this standard, as the final OFCS itself should be evaluated against this standard.

NOTE 1: The above statement is not intended to prevent manufacturers of such parts and assemblies from using this standard if they wish to do so, or are contractually required to do so. This standard does not apply to fiber optic systems that are used primarily to transmit optical energy for applications such as materials processing or medical treatment. In addition to the hazards caused by laser radiation, OFC may also cause other hazards, such as fires. This standard does not cover safety issues related to explosions or fires for OFCs deployed in explosive environments. In this part of IEC 60825, references to "lasers" include light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and optical amplifiers.

Note 2: The optical hazard of light emitted by an optical fiber is determined by the wavelength and power emitted by the optical fiber and the optical characteristics of the optical fiber.

The objectives of IEC 60825 Part 2 are: – To protect people from optical radiation generated by OFCs. To provide requirements for manufacturers, installation agencies, service agencies and operating agencies to establish procedures and provide information so that appropriate precautions can be taken;— Ensure that individuals are provided with adequate warnings about the potential hazards of OFCS through the use of signs, labels and instructions. The security of OFCS depends largely on the characteristics of the equipment that makes up the system. Depending on the characteristics of the device, safety-related information may need to be marked on the product or included in the instructions for use.


The responsibility for the safe deployment and use of these systems rests with the installer or the end user/operating organization, or both, where the level of potential hazard requires. This standard places the responsibility for compliance with safety instructions during installation and repair operations on the installation organization and the repair organization, as appropriate, and places the operation and maintenance functions on the end user or operating organization.

Users of this standard may fall into one or more of the above categories of manufacturers, installers, end users or operators.
Laser product IEC 60825 application process

latest company news about What is IEC60825 certification?  0

1. Consultation - the applicant provides product information pictures and descriptions
2. Quotation - Based on the information provided by the applicant, the engineers of China Quality Inspection will make an evaluation, determine the items that need to be tested, and provide a quotation to the applicant.
3. Applicant accepts quotation
4. The applicant fills out the test application form and submits the test samples to China Quality Inspection.
5. Sample testing – testing will be conducted in accordance with applicable standards
6. Laboratory test report
7. A third-party testing company issues a conformity report that complies with the test


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