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company news about What is laser welding?

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Company News
What is laser welding?
Latest company news about What is laser welding?

Laser welding is a high-efficiency, high-precision, and pollution-free welding method that uses laser beams to heat materials, melt them and join them together. Laser welding is suitable for use in fields with high precision, high requirements, high quality and high reliability. To require high quality laser welding, strict attention must be paid to the following aspects:


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1. Material selection for laser welding


The materials for laser welding generally choose high melting points and are biased towards metals and alloys, and are easy to melt and bond. When selecting materials, it is necessary to combine physical, chemical properties and melting points for comprehensive consideration.


2. The high precision of the equipment


The important components of the equipment are the laser and the electron optical system. In order to ensure the welding quality, high-precision equipment should be selected. The positioning accuracy of the lens of the equipment, the stability of the laser output, and the accuracy of the welding control system all require high precision to ensure high standards of welding quality.


3. Welding process parameters


Welding parameters have an important influence on the formation of molten pool, penetration depth and fusion line width. During laser welding, the welding speed, power density and radiation time will all affect the formation of the weld, and the parameters need to be adjusted to suit different welding conditions.

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4. Welding pool control


The molten pool is a key factor in the size and shape changes in the welding process. Only when good molten pool control is achieved can a good weld be formed. Therefore, it is important to control the influencing factors such as molten pool temperature, molten pool shape and surface tension.


5. Working environment and safety


When laser welding, it needs to be carried out in a specific working environment, and if necessary, it needs to be carried out in a clean room. At the same time, those who are in direct contact with the laser need to strictly refer to relevant safety information.


6. Weld quality inspection


In order to ensure the quality of laser welding, it is necessary to inspect the weld seam after welding. Including the inspection of the quality of molten pool, welding defects (such as cracks), uniformity of fusion line, burrs, bumps, etc.


Combining the above points, the high-quality requirements of laser welding are mainly carried out in terms of high precision equipment, material selection, welding process parameters, welding pool control, working environment and safety, and weld quality inspection. Only scientific and meticulous management and control of all aspects of welding can ensure the high quality of laser welding and meet the needs of the industry.


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