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company news about What is the principle of photorejuvenation?

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Company News
What is the principle of photorejuvenation?
Latest company news about What is the principle of photorejuvenation?

What is the principle of photorejuvenation?


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Photon Beauty (IPL) is a concept proposed by Dr. Patrick Butter Sr. from California, USA in 1995. Its full English name is Intense Pulsed Light, so it is now abbreviated as IPL, literally translated as Intense Pulsed Light.


Photon skin rejuvenation, which became popular worldwide in 1998, is defined as a non-exfoliating, non-invasive performance treatment using intense pulsed photons of continuous wavelength at low energy density. To put it simply, it is to use light with greater energy than ordinary light (pulse light) to perform phototherapy without damaging the epidermis to achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation. This pulsed light is not a laser, because it is a band light (500-1200nm), not a specific wavelength like a laser.


The principle of action is that in the 500-1200nm waveband light, photons of various wavelengths such as 585nm, 694nm, and 1064nm can be irradiated on skin melanin, collagen fibers, and hemoglobin separately or simultaneously, thus playing a role because it accepts multiple polarities at the same time. Low-energy laser therapy has the same effect. Melanin, for example, can lighten spots as it breaks down due to light absorption and heat. Realigns reduce wrinkles and makes skin firmer.


The principle of photon skin rejuvenation is to irradiate the skin with pulsed strong light. When light passes through the skin, the heat energy can promote the metabolism of the epidermis and promote the proliferation of collagen in the dermis, while the abnormal accumulation of melanin and hemoglobin will specifically absorb more light and heat and be destroyed, which can brighten the complexion and pigmentation , improves redness, increases elasticity, refines pores, and softens the surface.


It is precisely because IPL is intense pulsed light, and its energy has far exceeded the safety threshold that the human eye can withstand, so in order to protect the eyes during IPL treatment, both the operating physician and therapist need to wear protective glasses.


latest company news about What is the principle of photorejuvenation?  1

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