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company news about Why is laser cutting so popular?

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Company News
Why is laser cutting so popular?
Latest company news about Why is laser cutting so popular?

Laser cutting is an incredible technology that is serving many industries around the world. As technology advances, its benefits continue to grow. Here's why it's so popular now:

It is very versatile in cutting materials.


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Laser cutting is not limited to any one material, or even a subset of materials. Laser cutting works on a variety of metals, ceramics, and is always looking for new applications.

The cutting width is narrow and the cutting is fast and accurate.

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The kerf width of laser cutting can be very narrow, which means less material is wasted and cutting is more precise and efficient. The turnaround time for laser cutting is also relatively quick. Additionally, cutting shapes, patterns and operations are all repeatable accurately. This automation or repetitive work ensures that laser cutting produces high-quality output.

The technology is reliable and the installation time is short.

Thanks to advances in technology, laser cutters have become extremely reliable, which means you don’t have to worry about system failure. This program makes product design fast and easy.


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If the product needs to change during the production process, the laser cutting machine can quickly adapt to this change in demand.

High processing efficiency.

If you want to do multiple jobs at the same time, a laser cutter can accommodate your requirements.

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Unlike many other processes, laser cutting materials requires no further processing. There is no need to deburr or polish the product as the laser cutting process already makes it smooth enough. In many cases, you can take products directly from your shopping basket and send them off.

Technology is always advancing, making processes increasingly environmentally friendly. Laser cutters are energy-intensive equipment and their efficiency is improving significantly. Additionally, CO2 lasers are increasingly being replaced by fiber lasers.

The potential of combining laser cutting with 3D printing is huge, and the combined application of these two technologies is likely to yield amazing possibilities in the near future.



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